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Our History Back to Top

    Many times over the life of Panachallenge, members have questioned how the site operated financially. Thanks to the site founders and others who have stepped in when needed, some technical "slight of hand" kept the servers serving at no cost to the members. In 2012, due to time constraints, Wangi had to relinquish his role as the site caretaker. This required moving to a new server in August 2012. (see here: New Server Notice) The announcement seemed innocuous enough, but at that point, the "slight of hand" ended and real money had to be paid to keep the sight up for 12 months. Wangi was gracious enough to seed our efforts for one year! (T H A N K S Wangi !) In January of 2013, we opened this page to raise funds to keep the site open. We re-opened it in July of 2015 and the funds drive was successful enough such that instead of raising funds annually, we have been sustained until now, almost 3 years later. Don't worry! We are not in danger of imminent collapse. We are simply being proactive in hopes of collecting enough for another 36 months or so. The last time we collected, we listed all donors in the forum and will do so again.

Our Present Back to Top

  • The Admin Team decided the easiest way to finance our site is with donations.
  • The funds are needed to pay the hosting fees for the server, domain registrations, SSL implementation, Search Engine Optimization, attracting new members, dedicated IP address, changes in technology that affect our site, etc.
  • As always, the admins are unpaid volunteers.
  • The "Donate" button you see links to PayPal.
  • You do not need a PayPal account to donate.
  • You may choose to enter any amount you'd like to donate towards our goal of $540. (There is a 3% charge to us for processing the donation. So, you may add 3% to your total if you'd like to cover that charge.)
  • If you'd like to make your donation on a monthly basis, click the "Make This Recurring" box.
  • You may use a credit card or, if you have one, a PayPal account.
  • The process is secured by PayPal and they will email you a receipt.
  • The "Donate" link will only appear on our site for a limited time, so send your funds right away!
  • If you win the lottery, or otherwise, would like to donate when the link is not up, let us know and we will email you a link!!!

Our Future Back to Top

    The future of Panachallenge? Well, that's is up to all of us!

Privacy, Pop-ups, and Advertising Back to Top

    Panachallenge does not contain or accept advertisements or any kind of third-party tracking or information gathering software. Whenever you log in, or visit the web site and are already logged in, the date of your visit is recorded in the Panachallenge database. This is used only to identify members who have not visited the web site in a long time and to inactivate those old registrations.

    Any information you provide upon registration is kept private and will never be shared with any person, company, or other entity. Exceptions are:
    • You may choose to make your email address available to other members. To help hide your email address from programs that mine them from web sites, a link to your email address will not contain the address itself, but a reference to your member id (meaningless to anything outside of Panachallenge). Clicking that link will pop up a small window that redirects to your email address. There is still a small chance of a web robot finding your email address there, but it's less likely than having it directly linked on one of the Panachallenge pages.
    • When you register or update your profile, please select the country you live in. This will be displayed next to your member profile for others to see and will help keep our stats accurate on the number of countries represented here. If you enter a location, such as your city, state, province, etc., you may choose to display it for others to see.

    There will never be advertisements or annoying pop-up windows without prior notice on Panachallenge. But, some links may open in a new window or open a smaller window, such as the email link described in the previous paragraph. If you click on a link and nothing seems to happen, it may be due to a pop-up blocker you have installed or activated with your browser. If you are unable to allow pop-ups for this web site, or have allowed them and the link still does not work, it may just be an error on the web site. Please send email if you have any questions or problems with links on the site.
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