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  #123 Best of the Challenge Period
Entry 9 of 36
Beauty in Motion       ©2013 littlemav
Nikon D90       9th place, 108 points
1/200s, f4, ISO 400, 105mm, Manual, Spot, flash
Post-Processing: raised exposure in raw, raised contrast, bumped the saturation up... thats all... The sorry thing is I didn't get the shot I wanted.The double sorry thing is I almost got the shot, it was on my camera BUT my Flash went Poof, grind, gurr... so no amount of exp + brought it back.. The fun thing is I ordered my dream flash, a Nikon 910 flashy thingy, the sorry thing is I had to pay for the flashy thingy. Big Picture Sale!! Come buy lots before my hubby finds out I bought the flashy thingy on my credit card!!! :)       Extra Info: None
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Feb 12, 2013
    Ambaker. What a wonderful compliment ! That you so much. Squeal I have a style?? Cool

Jade thank you

Jade O.
Feb 12, 2013
    Still made top 10 which shows how good a shot you have despite the technical issues. I love that you even tried to get this; it's not easy and requires persistence, skill, and luck. Keep this up and you'll end up with more and more winning shots I'm certain.

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Feb 11, 2013
    Beautiful action shot. Looks like a littlemav shot. If you aren't her, please take it as a very nice compliment. I know her work from DPChallenge as well. She is an excellent photographer.

Feb 9, 2013
    Forkcandles, I so wish I could put the shot I wanted in outtakes, Belive me If I could've gotten ANY thing close I would've entered it! It's looking down at her mane as she ducks for a turn, Hair flying EVERYwhere, bowed head etc... I'm actully sitting on a platform on top of my round pen shooting down at her, and she only made the move I wanted ONE time...

Jade Thank you for your honestly, I appreciate comments like you posted! I actually used this for the outish focus thing, I am Suzy too sharp most of the time, and I thought I'd try a "soft blur focus" Her eyes are tack sharp, at least when I blow it up 100% on my putor, thought it might work.. But I totaly understand your comment and aggree 100%

Lo That is funny!! I almost blew my eyes out the first time I used my new Nikon Flashy Thing... Holy Moley wasn't expecting the diff in power from my old Sigma ... It's got darn near as many adjustments as my camera! LOL Learning Curve ahead!

Thanks Guys for the comments!! I need to post a sign... "I work for Comments" LOL
Edited on Feb 9, 2013

Feb 8, 2013
    Love the story - since taking this picture caused you to buy the dream flash, would this be "looking a gift horse in the mouth??"

Jade O.
Feb 8, 2013
    Great timing, great subject, right moment, and this should have been a great shot; unfortunately the loss of definition due to motion blur, camera shake, or focus issue, really hurts this one. Because this is so (potentially) good, I'm being very direct with a comment given to me once which probably taught me more about what makes great photography than any other lesson I've learned. Roughly quoting Tchuyane, a great macro photog, "The first rule of great photography is the image must be technically perfect. If your image is blurred, no amount of PP can save it."

Feb 8, 2013
    put the shot you wanted in the outtakes. the horse in the shot looks odd due to the obvious effort in turning for the headshot.
credit card just tell him its was on a lifetime offer and it needed a new home

Edited on Feb 8, 2013

Feb 8, 2013
    My goodness - that's an awful lot of power you have captured. I can't image what the shot you were looking for would have looked like, this one is super!

Feb 8, 2013
    Wow! Beauty in motion indeed. Great capture.
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