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  #70 Everyday Things
Entry 9 of 25
Remote Wars       ©2009 dodrizzt
Panasonic DMC-FZ50       9th place, 80 points
3s, f11, ISO 100, 86mm, Aperture Priority, Center Weighted Average, no flash
Post-Processing: Cloned off the support for the upper remote control, perspective correction, added a little vignette, slightly adjusted colours to remove some magenta tint, crop, resize.
After submitting, I was not happy with the noise quality, so retaked the remote and replaced my entry (sorry dear masters for the extra work...)
      Extra Info: Setup: The background is my TV, put Star Wars movie into DVD player and stopped the image with the Death Star on the screen. Two remote controls starring as the Imperial Destroyers (or, better, Rebel Cruisers :-D), the one on the upper left standing on a tall champagne cup. Manually focused on the closer remote. Turned off the lights, set a large exposure and briefly illuminated the remotes with a small torch... and voilą, a crazy Star Wars scene is done ;-)
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Dec 11, 2009
    Congratulations Billy for the TT place!
I should have known that this is yours. This kind of inventiveness is one big part of your special style. And Science Fiction anyway ;-)
The left remote is dark, but I can easily see it on my screen. And it has to be very dark considering the position of the sun, shown on the Death Star. Actually I regard this a special feature in the shot and a very good idea.
I think this picture would have deserved a much higher rank.

Dec 8, 2009
    Also many thanks Una, missed your nice pics this time, hope you can manage to enter the Human Element :-) :-)

Dec 8, 2009
    Many thanks for all your nice comments and votes, I'm very happy you liked the idea :-D
I thought quickly on a remote as a subject, an object almost everybody uses daily without looking at it twice... but realised it was a difficult subject to make something interesting with it (I understand your feelings Jade ;-)
Then I waked up my freak half and... :-D :-D
The second remote was intended to be darker, but I still can see it fairly well... that makes me suspect that my screen can be a little too brilliant, Jade, Raf, many thanks for your comments about that, I must correct the calibration :-/
Gail, harpazo-hope: many thanks for the comments :-) I'm also happy you two won, as I liked your pics :-)
Franz, Alberto: many thanks dear friends :-D unsurprisingly, I liked a lot your entries too :-D :-D

Dec 7, 2009
    Congratulations to a TT place! Wonderful idea!

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Dec 7, 2009
    What a fantastic idea!!!
This is a great work!
...no other words...

Dec 5, 2009
    WOW! Great idea for this difficult challenge and perfectly on my taste!!!
You managed to put an absolutely ordinary thing into a completely different context (and a nice one too). Your picture is proof for your great imagination
... and on the other hand it proofs to me that I only went 'the easy way' this time - what a shame... ;-)
Great one, very well done!

Dec 4, 2009
    Very creative idea. wonderfully executed. Perhaps a little more light on the left remote woudl help

Dec 4, 2009
    Very creative image ... glad you explained it, tho, cause I'm not a huge Star Wars fan!

Dec 3, 2009
    So creative! Perfectly set up, too. :)

Jade O.
Dec 3, 2009
    Top marks for inventiveness though the second remote seems a little hard to find and see. I dreaded seeing a remote photo so your take is a pleasant surprise. Well taken.
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