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  #217 Urbex and More
Entry 5 of 19
Forgotten Chamber       ©2019 Franz07
Panasonic DMC-LX3       5th place, 100 points
1/30s, f2, ISO 800, 24mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: raised contrast and saturation
      Extra Info: A forgotten place in an alleyway near the center of my hometown. With the current state, the natural cover and the special smell of this place in mind, I guess I was the first person to be in there for a very long time...
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Jun 14, 2019
    Oh, Bernie... on the one hand I'm sorry that my picture made you sad.
But on the other hand, please forgive me, it makes me very proud that my picture affects your emotions. :-)

Jun 12, 2019
    Congrats on a top 5 finish. This one contributed to my overall feeling of sadness I got from looking at the multiple images of decay and ruin.

Jun 11, 2019
    Congrats, urban decay indeed.

Jun 11, 2019
    Thank you all very much for your comments and votes! Happy you liked it.

And YES, Lo, I was not allowed to be there and thus felt strange and very uncomfy... ;-)

Jun 11, 2019
    Congratulations. It must have felt strange to be the one to discover all of this.

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Jun 10, 2019
    You have got a lot out of this unpromising subject matter. Fab light.

Jun 10, 2019
    I'm not sure why but the baby seat looks out of place. I like the left half of the image.

Jun 10, 2019
    Thank you very much, Lo and Old Finn, for your nice comments.
SteveBee, thanks for the suggestion. I left the frame as is to keep orientaion in the composition.

Jun 10, 2019
    My eye goes directly to the brightest area which is not the most interesting area. Lighten the shadows and crop out the blown out window opening would be my suggestion.

Jun 9, 2019
    The infant chair is so poignant. It makes you wonder who could have left in such a hurry as to abandon it. Great capture for the theme.

Old Finn
Jun 8, 2019
    Suits well to the topic. My first choice.

Jun 8, 2019
    Thanks Robert and kerszkavet for the credit and your suggestions.

Jun 7, 2019
    An interesting scene with a random selection of objects and great directional lighting. The light on the car seat with the background of the ivy and the window is a strong image.

I'd have considered a tighter crop - cut off some of the ceiling. Also if you crop to the right edge of the window, you lose the burnt out sky, the worst of the visible noise (lower left) and the chromatic aberration.

Looks like you were operating at the limit of your camera and sensor! Maybe bracketing with a shot exposed for the outside might have helped?
Edited on Jun 10, 2019

Jun 7, 2019
    Great example of deterioration. I wish the interior could be a bit brighter to appreciate the back wall. Nonetheless, a good find and well-suited for the theme. In my TT's.
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