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  #202 Red Passion
Entry 1 of 25
Ladybug       ©2018 dodrizzt
Panasonic DMC-FZ50       1st place, 176 points
1/125s, f3.6, ISO 100, 131mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Selective color correction, levels, dynamic, saturation, crop, resize       Extra Info: A young ladybug taking a sunbath let me gently make some pictures before flying away.
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20 days ago
    Many thanks, Michael & Lo :-) Already packing luggage :-D Cheers!!

24 days ago
    I see you have not lost your touch :-) So good to see you back.
Que tengas unas buenas vacaciones.

24 days ago
    Congratulations - It's so good to have you back in Panachallenge
Edited on Jun 26, 2018

25 days ago
    Wow! I feel honored and surprised, considering there were many very good shots in the challenge! Many, many thanks!!!
My congratulations here to all, it was a nice challenge! I won't be able to comment on all entries again because i'm in the middle of a very busy week heading to two weeks of holidays (Spain, there I go :)
Well done everybody!

25 days ago
    Congrats! My #1.

25 days ago
    Congrats! I see you picked up where you left off in main several challenges ago. This was my #1.
Edited on Jun 25, 2018

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25 days ago
    Love the composition by colour and by shape.

26 days ago
    Very nice out of focus colours.

26 days ago
    Great use of DOF to focus attention on the subject. Love the detail and rich colour.

26 days ago
    MAny thanks for your nice comments, I'm glad you liked it :) The red background is a red rose. I shot with a Raynox 150 Closeup attached to the lens, that's what makes the background so unsharp. The ladybug was thankfully very collaborative and kinda "posed" for some seconds in various leafs before going :)

28 days ago
    i like the composition here, with the red / green balance. The jagged edge of the leaf adds good contrast

28 days ago
    I love the way this shot divides into three distinct areas. Great composition. And who doesn't love a ladybug.

28 days ago
    What a great representation for the theme. The colors are striking and red certainly is front and center. High in my TT's.

28 days ago
    very nice image … composition and lighting look good, the red behind the leaf and bug with the black background make it all work.

29 days ago
    Wonderful image, the reds are brilliant and the red background complements the little bug. I headed out to the botanic garden looking for the same subject but there was some event going on and the place was packed so I had to leave... This is very high in my fav, maybe #1.

29 days ago
    Nice shot of the bug, with the background red color a good addition. Might like to darken the green a bit.

29 days ago
    Definitely my top favourite in this challenge. It's nicely composed with good details in the subject and leaf, and a lovely, abstracted background. I don't know what the layer of red is, but it makes a great separation between the greens and backs up the red theme beautifully.
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