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  #201 Break the Rules
Entry 1 of 24
Don't center your subject       ©2018 NEAT
Canon EOS 7D Mark II       1st place, 146 points
1/500s, f4, ISO 6400, 28mm, Shutter Priority, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Detail extractor
dodge and burn
adjust colours
cloning in sky
      Extra Info: The Bamboo forest in Kyoto Japan.
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11 days ago
    A belated congrats to your achievement!

17 days ago
    Congratulations on a very well deserved WIN!!! A beautiful capture.

17 days ago
    Congrats Anita. You broke the rule so beautifully!

17 days ago
    What an incredible place to visit. Your photo certainly shows the forest at its best. Congratulations on a great shot.

17 days ago
    Congratulations Anita. Stunning forest.

17 days ago
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments, I nearly didnít enter this image because I thought maybe it would be too simple. I wasnít exactly happy with the editing also...it was a very dreary rainy day and the lighting was quite flat, I kind of did my best to brighten it up.

Kyoto was half an hour train ride from Osaka where we were staying after we have finished our boat cruise in Japan. People we have met told us to go there because you often see women in Kimonos, and we did, but I get the feeling that a lot of them were actually tourists like us.

Itís funny I didnít even know the bamboo forest was in Kyoto, I remember seeing photos of this before we left and thought wow that would be an awesome place to visit, so in a way it was providential!

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17 days ago
    This is absolutely beautiful! Really love the composition. If centering your subject was the broken rule, in this instance it needed to be broken!

Very effective saturation. Really makes it even more special.

18 days ago
    What a wonderful place. Looks to have an orange cast which puts me off. A quick go of 'Auto Levels' clears that up nicely, unless that was one of the deliberate rules broken? To me the 'subject' is the amazing forest itself which is positioned well.
Edited on Jun 4, 2018

18 days ago
    Breaking the rules really worked for the best. Great colour - obviously incredible leading lines

18 days ago
    And to think that it's just grass :-) I think breaking the rule worked well here.

19 days ago
    Not really sure if the subject are the visitors or that lovely forest :)
But anyway the visitors add a nice touch of interest while being distracting on the other hand.
Your image makes my TT and, challenge apart, love that colors :) I am also curious about your post-processing, as the image looks like a painting but not really too overdone - nice effect!

19 days ago
    Extremely effective image. Not sure the rule of thirds would have helped.

Old Finn
19 days ago
    Centering suits to this picture. In my favorites. Of course some cropping from the left and down side would have suited to this picture.
Edited on Jun 3, 2018

20 days ago
    The "rule" about not centering your subject should have a corollary saying that it does not apply when the subject is mainly symmetrical. Hence, there would be no rule broken here. Very nicely done - great colors, though I wish there were a few people closer to the camera to break up some of that empty foreground.

20 days ago
    centered subjects look great here, with these very photogenic surroundings

20 days ago
    That bamboo background is wonderful! I think that the centred composition is just right here, and I guess that is the point of the exercise. High in my faves.
Edited on Jun 2, 2018

21 days ago
    What an amazing place. Nicely done, high in my TT

21 days ago
    Stunning image. I love the rich colors, sharpness and detail. The contrasting colors and textures are amazing. i'm impressed you shot this at ISO 6400.
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