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  Mini#20 Best of 2009
Entry 24 of 38
Young lovers       ©2010 dodrizzt
Panasonic DMC-FZ50       24th place, 26 points
1/250s, f5, ISO 100, 35mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cloned out some distractions, selective colour adjustment, a touch of perspective correction       Extra Info: A beautiful city, summer, love... the joy of life!
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Jan 14, 2010
    Many thanks again dear friends :-D
Franz, You are totally right with your thoughts, I've thought the same :-) I don't expect great results in the "best of" challenges, as I'm aware I'm sending "self-emotional" pictures... maybe because it's the perfect "challenge" to share a part of my personal feelings, or a more personal approach to a usual place, like my beach pic in Open (I'm amazed it did so well!!). I'm happy with that because the "counterpart" is that we can share more "personal richness" in the chat/comments. That's also why I liked a lot your entry in Open even before discovering it was yours, the pic was very nice but your extra comment rounded it up :-) many thaks again!!

Jan 12, 2010
    Billy, I'm sorry it didn't reach a higher place. I like it very much.
Moreover I understand that it shows much more as what is visible.
That is the difference between the two kinds of entries; those that are 'best' because of "personal value" and the others that are 'best' because of their "post card style".
For example you and LaRee entered beautiful shots in the main that have a high emotional value for each one of you. I did the same in the "Best of 2008" main challenge. Just our felt "best of"! Sadly these (actually better because emotional) pictures seldom do very good in any challenges. But we are all still learning. Even our voting skills get better from time to time.

Jan 12, 2010
    Thanks for missing me dodrizzt! I think your shot deserved a much higher placing. It came very, very close to being in my top ten. Sorry you didn't get any points from me in the end :(

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Jan 11, 2010
    Many thanks dear friends for such nice comments, I'm happy you liked the pic, maybe not my best from 2009, but I've submitted almost all my best pics to the challenges! :-D
- Jade: In such great competition, being in your TT is a great reward!! many thanks!! :-)
- Rabaak: Many thanks, and also welcome!! hope you'll enjoy this great site :-)
- Magich: You are right, this is in Germany, the city is Stralsund, in Mecklemburg-Nordvorpommern, a nice place and region I visited this summer with my girfriend. The colours, yes, maybe a bit saturated, I processed this one in my laptop so the calibration wasn't so precise... anyway, I decided to let it "as is", the warmer colours gave me some nice rememberings from the holidays... also, nice to see you back here :-)
- Lindy: and also nice to see you back too!! I've missed you :-) glad you liked my pic, many thanks :-)
- Franz: heeee, yes, this is Stralsund, and it's me LOL!! :-D I'm happy you liked the pic, it brings me back some very nice rememberings :-)
- LaRee, Doto: many thanks!!! I'm very happy you liked the pic, the competition is strong and wonderful here! :-)
- Mepo, Amberbug: Also many thanks :-) and yes, you are right, the couple is fantastic!! but this was a quick and lucky candid street pick, couldn't recompose to isolate them better (in fact I've cloned off some distractions around them) and finally decided not to crop the pic, due to the additional feelings it conveyed me due to my holidays... glad you liked the pic anyway :-) :-)

Jan 11, 2010
    Nice timing, good exposure etc., in my top 10. I would have cropped the picture down to above the red umbrellas and have a more dramatic picture of the couple, a lot in the picture.
Edited on Jan 11, 2010

Jan 10, 2010
    I appreciate that you wanted to include the local scenery but I think the couple alone would have made a better shot - they are superb!

Jan 10, 2010
    beuatiful place, great light and subject - a classic!

Jan 9, 2010
    Great composition and the colors are downright yummy!

Jan 9, 2010
    Very nice! This looks like somewhere in Germany - Una? Billy?
Whatever, it is very colorful, inviting and really shows "the joy of life"! Great shot!

Jan 9, 2010
    Great colours and clarity, and a nicely composed and interesting scene with lots to look at. Good luck!

Jan 8, 2010
    Nice shoot.
It seems to be a German city. Is it?
Too much saturation in my opinion.

Jan 7, 2010
    Very nice photo. Great color.

Jade O.
Jan 7, 2010
    There is something about the colour, lighting, subject, composition, that draws me to this one and makes it a clear contender for my top picks. [Edit] I feel I'm passing over some really good entries voting for this one but it appeals to me greatly. The off horizontal level of the left side building means I make this my no. 10 pick.
Edited on Jan 9, 2010
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