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  #70 Everyday Things
Entry 14 of 26
Clav and Music Sheet       ©2009 drivingback
Fuji FinePix F200EXR       14th place, 42 points
1/4s, f3.9, ISO 200, 175mm, Normal Program, Spot, no flash
Post-Processing: Unsharp Mask (0.25)
      Extra Info: Not sure if this is "everyday" enough. Though this is not as grand as a piano to be photographed (No pun intended). I just used the music sheet to cover some chipped paint, scratches & markings on the clavinova.
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Dec 7, 2009
    I never knew that Raf, I thought it was Wangi who is behind the scenes. Thanks everyone!

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Dec 7, 2009
    One of the perks of being an administrator is that I get to see the responses and others' comments on each entry which only normally open up after the challenge. So I have a look if I get a chance. Glad you took it positively.

Dec 7, 2009
    Love the rather unusual composition, even if it was just to hide the imperfections. Makes for an attention grabbing shot.

Dec 6, 2009
    Hi Raf, not sure if you were able to see my previous comment. I thought the comments were supposed to be hidden during voting. ;) I'm just new here, so to receive a comment that I'm doing fine technically is definitely a step forward and feels I am achieving my goal (albeit slowly) in joining. I still have tons left to learn, so I really appreciate every comment. No need to feel sorry. Cheers for sharing the same passion for photography! =)

Dec 6, 2009
    I am sorry. I wish I could add something more positive than the technical comment.

In my mind there are two facets to any shot. The first is to get the technical issues resolved. You are clearly on top of that. The second is finding a way to take us beyond the obvious. Some shots have that, but most do not. I know it is something I struggle with. I certainly did on this challenge.

I wish I could say, if you do THIS or THAT to the shot you will achieve a better shot. Like you though I am trying to learn and so I know this shot has not taken me beyond the obvious, I do NOT know how to do so.

Dec 5, 2009
    Wow! I've been getting "technically nice shot" comment from Raf since the last challenge. Thank you very much!

Thanks everyone for the comments, I am able to gauge where I went wrong or what I did right.

I'd try a different arrangement for the music sheet today and see if it would be better. =) Basically, I tried to fill the upper right section of the 3x3 grid hence the placement.

For the lighting it was just sunlight coming from the window.

Dec 5, 2009
    technically nice shot. Not sure the music sheet works here though. Perhaps arranged differently,.

Dec 5, 2009
    For me the music sheet would have been better if had been turned to a position that would make it appear as if were being used (rotate right and use the bottom corner of the page) . I also think that explaining why you included it is like making an excuse for your photo and that weakens it. However I like your basic composition, especially the angle used and the soft lighting so I am including it in my tt.

Dec 5, 2009
    I think this fits the theme perfectly. The lighting is beautiful, it's crisp, and I love the angle

Jade O.
Dec 4, 2009
    I suppose if this is everyday for you then it fits. I like the angle on the keyboard but find the music oddly off angle to the keys and a jarring misfit.

Dec 3, 2009
    Your disguise really adds to the photo. Nice composition. :)
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