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  #62 Fill the frame
Entry 2 of 30
Spiral frenzy       ©2009 dodrizzt
Panasonic DMC-FZ50       2nd place, 140 points
1/8s, f2.8, ISO 100, 35mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Converted to b&w in CS3 using red filter, a little hue/shadows adjustment, resize, a touch of sharpening to enhance details on stair steps after resizing.       Extra Info: Taken at Jagdschloss Granitz (a summer/hunting castle) in the isle of Rügen, Germany. The central tower of the castle is absolutely empty except from this stunning spiral staircase that goes to the top of the tower (the sight from there up is amazing, also :-)
The steps of the stair are all iron-cast, creating a unique and wonderfully detailled pattern when the light crosses them. The stair is supposed to be the unique in Europe of this kind, running up leaning on the walls and completely wide-open in the center of the tower.
You can see the top center of the roof is not centered on my pic; I didn't wanted to crop the pic in PP, and that was the only way of filling the frame as much as possible.
I'm not so sure if this fulfills exactly the challenge theme, but anyway I wanted to share this pic with you... If you ever have the possibility to go to the isle of Rügen, don't miss this castle, it's a little piece of a dream :-)
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Aug 13, 2009
    Almost forgot: a very special thanks to Raf, I had a lot of problems when resizing my pic, the huge load of fine details on the stair made me crazy to reduce the size without loosing sharpness, even now I'm not satisfied, the full size version is much better. Raf, I hope I didn't cause you a headache, I think I uploaded at least 4 versions of the pic in a few minutes... thanks for your unexpected extra job validating the pic!! :-)

Aug 13, 2009
    LindyB: Thanks for such nice comment... and it's even more nice to see you're back again :-)
Franz: I'm very happy you liked so much the pic :-) and yes, huuuuge space "wasted" :-) They didn't hang a bell, but they hang a bird of prey, you can see it (more or less :-) "flying" at the top center.
Side-note: I've enjoyed very, very much our holidays at Mecklemburg-Vorpommern. I don't know where you live in Germany, but if you don't know that zone, I can recommend it to you for a holiday trip... fantastic place for a family holidays in summer :-)
Mepo: glad you liked the pic and the place :-) I could suggest you a flight to Berlin (I fell in love with that city) and then you can take another plane or go by car, 280 km / 3 hours, and stand there for a nice week... ;-)

Aug 13, 2009
    Raf: Thanks as usual for such a detailed comment. And yes, the stairs had almost another circle... but quickly reaching the floor, so lots of empty space appeared, so I decided not to take it to try to fulfill the frame. Very happy you liked it, as I'm always getting inspired by your urban and building pics :-)
Jade: LOL just 4 points, I didn't noticed that :-) That little difference shows how tight and difficult was the voting, with so many good entries this time. Well, I'll try another time :-D Very happy you liked so much the pic.
Kjwags: thanks a lot for your comment, certainly it looks great in B&W, but even that was a though decision, as it looked very nice in colour too. You can see it at the castle's web page: http://www.jagdschloss-granitz.de/
Una, Wrosenthal, Edward48: Thanks a lot for your comments, I'm glad you liked it so much :-)

Aug 13, 2009
    Many, many thanks to all of you for your nice comments & votes :-) I've been full-loaded of work, then had my 15-days holidays, totally disconnected from inet (just could connect one day, that gave me the theme of the challenge :-) and then back to full-load of work, so I've missed two challenges in the meantime :-( and even had little time to comment... oh well, hope I'm back :-)
The pic is from one of the wonderful places I visited this holidays with my girlfriend, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the pic :-) thanks a lot!

Aug 12, 2009
    Congratulations, well deserved. Now all I have to do is find the airfare to see the real thing!

Aug 12, 2009
    Congratulations on your 2nd place finish! An excellent B&W!

Aug 11, 2009
    Congratulations, was my #1.

Jade O.
Aug 11, 2009
    O.k. I am surprised, but only by 4 points; a fine effort.

Aug 11, 2009
    Lovely shot. Congratulations on #2.

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Aug 10, 2009
    Well this goes right to the top of my list.

Aug 9, 2009
    I think you filled the frame with your subject (the spiral stair) just fine and I like the composition too.

Aug 9, 2009
    Great! An absolutely different and inventive idea for the theme.
Perfectly filling the frame - in my view. Nice, clean, sharp photo.

And what a waste of space! ;-)
They must have planned to bring a huge bell up there, don't you think?

Aug 8, 2009
    A fascinating staircase that makes a lovely abstract photo. You've made an excellent job of the B&W conversion. In my TT.

Aug 7, 2009
    Nicely seen and interpreted. Great visual interest. This was easily in my TT.

Aug 7, 2009
    In my eyes, the challenge theme is met. A staircase is a staircas and I don't see anything else (or lots of background) in the picture. But it is a clever idea when you want to avoid flowers... This is in my TF.

Aug 6, 2009
    Definitely in my top 5, this is another one of those photos that really stands out when done in B&W, color verison probably wouldn't have done it for me. Nice job.

Jade O.
Aug 6, 2009
    There is a pattern here which is not quite perfect geometry which enhances the appeal greatly; not a thing I could suggest to improve and obviously a perfect full frame image. I will be surprised if this entry does not finish No. 1.

Aug 6, 2009
    I like this a lot. It is man made and the b&w reinforces this, but the odd asymmetries make it look organic in a way. Not sure if your lens or the actual structure allowed it but possibly another full circle would be an even stronger image. (oh why don't the build things just like I want them? LOL)
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