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  #201 Break the Rules
Entry 8 of 24
Abort landing!!!       ©2018 dodrizzt
Sony ILCE-6000       8th place, 59 points
1/1250s, f11, ISO 800, 261mm, Manual, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Selective levels adjustment, crop, unsharp mask, resize       Extra Info: A bumblebee had to abruptly change its flight direction as it noticed that the tasty flower was already taken :)

For the broken rules:
- Shoot around midday, under harsh, direct sunlight
- Main subject centered (well, at least it was, until the bumblebee photobombed my pic ;-)
- And now there are too many main subjects (as a collateral effect from the photobombing)
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Jun 5, 2018
    Hi, and welcome back to the top ten. Missing "a few" challenges has not hurt your skills at all. Beautiful breaking of rules, as you caught the bee breaking the rule of "one bee per flower".

Jun 5, 2018
    It's so nice to see you back in Panachallenge. This is a stunning shot.

Jun 5, 2018
    Hi all :)
Many thanks for your votes an for your nice words!!
It's been a long time since I last entered a competition. Seven years ago my life changed, I moved to Germany from my homeland in Spain. I had to learn German properly and that took 2 years, in which I didn't do anything apart from learning intensively - that made me leave the photography too, I had simply no time for my hobby.
After that came the usual job search and my own "reinvention" once found, from print to web designer.
Now I feel I have enough time again and started again with photography, and of course wanted to come back here too, I missed panachallenge a lot.
Sadly is my English not better as before, as German has literally devoured it. I must really think twice to avoid mixing German each three or four words :-/ Please excuse my many faults :-D
I'm really happy to be back :) See you all around!!

Jun 5, 2018
    babysister: many thanks! glad you liked it :)

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Jun 4, 2018
    If breaking the rules adds up to near perfection then you have achieved it.

Jun 4, 2018
    Michael - yes, I tried to resist and not to de-center the flower :D glad you liked it!
Lo - many thanks! I'm happy you liked it too :)

Jun 4, 2018
    Fantastic photo - despite breaking so many rules. Great colour and detail.

Jun 4, 2018
    Love the detail and the colours. I find myself itching to take this shot correctly composed - perhaps you experienced the same thing :-)

Jun 3, 2018
    aoc46 - thanks for the idea, i really hadn't though about rotating it, as I liked the acrobatic upside-down bee :) but looks great rotated too!
jomari - many thanks, glad you liked the pic, and your comment makes me smile and remember the shooting :)
Old Finn - I wanted to break some :D but I'm glad you think it's good!
SteveBee - wow, thanks! I struggled to choose this one among other shots, and at the end the colors and details made my mind, so I'm glad you think it's great :)

Jun 3, 2018
    The second bee caught in flight makes this more interesting that a more standard bee shot. The colors and detail are great and the dark background is perfect.

Old Finn
Jun 3, 2018
    In my opinion this is a very good picture, no broken rules.

Jun 3, 2018
    You can almost hear his brain ticking, let alone his wings buzzing. Great capture. Very high in my faves.

Jun 2, 2018
    Turn it 90 degrees clockwise, crop off the (new) bottom quarter, and you have a pretty good shot. The flying bee is the main (i.e. most interesting) subject; others are secondary.
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