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  #162 Vintage
Entry 11 of 38
Memoirs On My Mother's Hands       ©2015 drivingback
PENTAX K-30       11th place, 91 points
1/100s, f5.6, ISO 200, 60mm, Aperture Priority, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Crop
Black and White Conversion
Contrast, exposure
Burning, cloning
Resize, sharpening
      Extra Info: None
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Sep 8, 2015
    Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I enjoyed reading them all as this photo is very special to me. :)

Anthony - The lens had the aperture wide open but the mirror of the camera body is not seen. It was the SMC coating of this lens which has a yellowish (some say radioactive) glare that reflects things. It actually has a very faint reflection of me taking the shot but after B&W conversion with Blue Filter, the effect is it got removed. But it produced a little smear on the side of the glass which I cloned out. I used the Blue filter to bring out more details on the hands as it is not as nice on human skin compared with no filter or green filter B&W conversion. :)

Note: Check minzaw's entry, it is not a Pentax lens but it has a yellowish cast on the front element which I think is prevalent in lens-making of those time because of the materials used.

FC - I specifically chose the word ON in the title because it is meant to be a play on the camera and the veins/lines on her old hands. I am not a native English speaker so I'm not too sure whether IN or ON is the more appropriate one. But on doesn't seem bad at all :)

Sep 7, 2015
    This was my #2 also, such a poignant image. Should have placed higher.

Anthony Comyn
Sep 7, 2015
    This was my No.2... Really feel that this should have been higher! Still congratulations on an excellent image!

Did you clone the reflections in the camera lens, my only critique would be that I would expect to see a aperture hole at this angle...

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Sep 7, 2015
    This is very cool, even the clothing if from a time gone bye.
Edited on Sep 7, 2015

Sep 6, 2015
    I love this image. Very evocative. IMHO the left hand could have been a bit lighter. Nonetheless a classic camera and great idea.

Sep 6, 2015
    should the title be "in" rather than on . a lovely black and white image of a bygone era [the camera that is ] when cameras came with 1point lenses

Sep 6, 2015
    Great idea to put the camera into your mother's hands. Combination of this, the depth of field, B&W plus the vintage look fabric, combine to make an interesting shot. A fave.
Edited on Sep 6, 2015

Sep 5, 2015
    Great shot and focus. I love everything about this!

Sep 4, 2015
    Lovely in so many ways.

Sep 4, 2015
    Super vintage, would of looked good with some superb editing, mabye added sepia tones, or texture.

Anthony Comyn
Sep 4, 2015
    The camera is interesting and spot on with the theme, however it is the old hands that take this image to the next level. The highlights and shadows are just right. Excellent image, well done... In my top 5!

Sep 3, 2015
    this is my fav,
reminds me of my first camera,
my long lost K1000
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