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  #153 Industrial Landscapes
Entry 2 of 33
Twin Peaks       ©2015 SteveBee
Panasonic DMC-GX7       2nd place, 297 points
1/200s, f4.5, ISO 800, 24mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: crop, spot removal, +contrast,+clarity, -vibrance       Extra Info: Rising from the landscape like mountains, these dome structures are used for mineral storage
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Feb 17, 2015
    Excellent find, great finish! Congrats!

Jade O.
Feb 17, 2015
    My votes concur with Mercury's comment but I am adverse to sunsets so my view is biased in that direction. Still this impresses in its own right. Congrats on double twos!

Feb 17, 2015
    I still got mixed feelings about this shot. I am in 7th heaven with my first win, but I still feel this was a much better shot. It surely deserved a win as well. :-)
Without any dificulty, this was by far my nr1 pick for the open!!
Everything is perfect, love the clean, cool feel of the photo.

Feb 16, 2015
    Beautifully done Steve - Congratulations. And, thank you for the huge effort you put into the voting process.

Feb 16, 2015
    Congrats Steve. Loved this one.

Feb 16, 2015
    Congrats, great shot!!

Feb 16, 2015
    Pair of 2's - not bad. Great shot, I loved the entire image.

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Feb 16, 2015
    Well this is an unusual entry and fits the theme perfectly. The yellow railing really adds to this view. The photo seems to tilt too much to the left a bit, even though the right rear edge of the structure on top is straight. In my favs.

Feb 16, 2015
    WOW, you can store a lot in those! Great subject and well taken. Do you work there to get this access?
Edited on Feb 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015
    Great composition. My number one pick.

Feb 16, 2015
    the look of this picture is fascinating, and suits the viewpoint. a favourite.

Feb 16, 2015
    The yellow railing definitely "makes" this image. I love it! I wonder if the "skew" function was employed that the far storage tank could have been made a bit more vertical, which would have improved slightly this image?

Feb 16, 2015
    Great composition and lighting, all the detail is so sharp. Has the look of something out of a Quatermass Experiment. In my TT

Feb 15, 2015
    Wow - fantastic detail in this shot. Very nice composition as well. Not over-processed and right on theme. Very original to boot. Probably number one!

Feb 15, 2015
    they look nice for an industry site i assume they will and can be removed when the need has gone.

Feb 15, 2015
    This is magnificent and my #1 from the getgo. The detail is superb, the lighting exceptional. Love the soft mauves in the background.

Feb 14, 2015
    A very good composition with a strong focal point....this photo definitely fits the contest requirements very well. The somewhat high contrast processing, and lack of overall color, suit the subject. This makes the yellow railings stand out all the more, adding an essential bit of color to the image.

I can't find much to criticize, but showing a bit more detail in the darkest areas of the image might improve it a bit....or not.

This is my second favorite in a very strong lineup.
Edited on Feb 16, 2015

Feb 14, 2015
    This photo jumps out of the screen to me because of its sharpness. You have managed to get detail in both the dark and light objects. I like the composition and it is certainly on theme.

Jade O.
Feb 14, 2015
    Beautiful, beautiful image. Maybe my top pick.

Feb 14, 2015
    A beautiful industrial image. Love the shapes and colors. The pretty sky adds a nice touch.

Feb 14, 2015
    excellent shot with a great angle! kinda reminds me of something.....

Feb 14, 2015
    Fabulous angle and good composition. You have made the best of a great subject.

Feb 14, 2015
    An intriguing contrast to the rectilinear shapes one expects from an industrial setting. Nicely done, both aesthetically and technically!

Feb 14, 2015
    Fabulous image with wonderful color. Interesting structures, and I love how you've framed everything. A high fave.

Feb 13, 2015
    The more I come back to this the more it becomes my favourite, The only thing is I wish the stairs with the yellow hand rails weren't chopped off at the bottom. Other than that, love it

Feb 13, 2015
    A favourite of mine. Sharp, lots of fine detail and interesting shapes.

Feb 12, 2015
    Nice geometry to this shot, and beautiful colour too.
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