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#211 Food for Humans
Created by AvanBroek
Hosted by mrsawyer
      For this challenge, take a picture of prepared food ready for human consumption, served and eaten cooked or raw. The subject can be a single food or a group of items such as a table of several foods for a meal. Whatever subject you choose, it should be something that is ready to be eaten.

Entry period: 10 Jan 2019 through to 31 Jan 2019 23:59:59 UTC (localtime?)
Entry period: Entries must be taken on or after 10 Jan 2019
Entry rules: Main Category is for Lumix/Leica, Open Category is for Any Digital Camera Brand See the full challenge rules
Voting period: 1 Feb 2019 00:00:00 UTC through to 4 Feb 2019 23:59:59 UTC (localtime?)

15 days remaining to submit an entry.

MAIN Category

  • 1 validated entries
  • 1 unvalidated entries
  • 0 invalid entries

    OPEN Category

  • 0 validated entries
  • 0 unvalidated entries
  • 0 invalid entries

  • Random top-five entry from past Challenges:

    #131 Opening/s
    Opening in the Storm

    By littlemav
    5th place, 95 points
    Nikon D90

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