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And thanks for visiting Panachallenge - the home of free photography challenges and forums for users of all camera brands, and especially Panasonic Lumix (and their Leica cousins). Challenges have two categories - a main category dedicated to Pannys and Leicas and an open category for all digital camera models. Challenge and member info is shown below. If you are new here, check out the links in gold type on the right to help you get started. Links, on Panachallenge, are in Gold Type, so look for the Gold and click to explore the site!
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  Current challenge: Panachallenge #234 Dutch Angle
Dutch Angle is a non-traditional technique used in photography to create or convey dramatic effects. Dutch angle is accomplished by simply tilting the camera so the horizon is at an angle to the bottom of the frame of the shot. This challenge is about creatively using Dutch angle or tilt with intention to give your image greater impact than it might otherwise have. I would encourage everyone to read the excellent article: How To Shoot Dutch Angle Photography. https://expertphotography.com/dutch-angle/ Also : https://findawaybyjwp.com/2015/03/12/photo-and-notes-tilted-horizon-and-45-degrees-for-dutch-angle/ In the extra info, please share your creative intention in using a Dutch Angle for your entry. As always, the goal is to make a compelling, well-composed image.

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  Current challenge: #233 Repeated Shapes
For this challenge, compose a picture in which shapes are echoed by similar shapes. This should be a photo of similar or same shaped objects that repeat rather than a repeated pattern on fabric or wallpaper and such. Please disclose in the Extra Info if you have used multiple exposures. The winner of the Open Category will get to choose a subsequent challenge theme.
Here are a few websites to check out:





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  Past challenge: #232 Bokeh
Bokeh is a Japanese word that roughly translates as the aesthetic quality of the blur. The technique uses depth of field to isolate a subject against a background that is out of focus. The subject matter is in sharp focus thereby emphasizing the subject while hinting at a sense of place without specificity. So, for this challenge, show us a photo where the subject is isolated from the background by using Bokeh. This technique should be attempted using your camera only, NOT in post-processing. See the following link for more info: https://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/bokeh-in-photography-to-isolate-a-subject/ Post processing information will be hidden during the voting period. As usual, please disclose any use of multiple frames in the Extra Info area. The winner of the Main Challenge will chose the next challenge theme.

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Challenge ended on 20 Jul 2020.

      Main Category

By SteveBee
Panasonic DC-G9
      Open Category
Lizard Love

By SteveBee
Panasonic DC-G9

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By harpazo_hope

#20 Feet (Open)
Summer Feet
Placed 19th, 40 points
Panasonic DMC-FZ5

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#82 Street Scenes (Open)
Give way to sheep
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