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Resize an entry - GIMP
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Jade O.

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  [1 of 1]  Posted: Sun Apr 5, 2009, 21:42 (4311 days ago)
Modified by Admin: Mon Jun 22, 2009, 18:00 (4233 days ago)

(admin: this guide was written by Jade O. -- thanks!)

Suppose you have a .jpg image saved in 2560x1920 pixel size taking 1.9MB of space in a desktop file folder you have labeled "Panachallenge Images". You want to reduce that .jpg image to a size of 800x600 and under 250kb.

First you need to search the internet and Download GIMP, a free photo editing software.
Double click your Desktop GIMP Icon to open the program.

Click <File> on menu bar.
Click <Open> on the drop down File menu. An "Open Image" box should appear.
Click <Desktop>.
Click <Panachallenge Images> folder.
Find your .jpg image on the list and Double Click Image to be edited. Your image should now appear.
Click <Image> on menu bar.
Click <Scale Image> on the drop down Image menu.
Click on the number 2560 in the Width box and type 800 in place of 2560. You can click on height to confirm the height is now changed to 600.
Click <Scale>. Your image should now appear smaller.
Click <File> on menu bar.
Click <Save As> on the drop down File menu. A "Save Image" box should now appear.

In the Save Image box, change the name of your file to be saved so you don't overwrite the original. Assuming you want to save the new image in Jpeg format, be sure to add ".jpg" to the end of the file name.
Click <Save>. You should now see a "Save as JPEG" box.
In the Save as Jpeg, click the box <Show as preview in image window>.
The file size should now appear in kbs.
Adjust the Quality by moving the slide from 100% down until the file size is below 250 kb.
Click <Save>
Your resized file is now in your Panachallenge Images desktop folder ready for upload.

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