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Resize an entry - Paint Shop Pro
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  [1 of 1]  Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009, 19:17 (4336 days ago)
Modified: Mon Jun 22, 2009, 18:01 (4233 days ago)

(admin: this guide was written by LaRee -- thanks! Click on the thumbnail to view the full image)

The Panachallenge rules have two size requirements, a resolution requirement and a file size requirement. The combination of factors sometimes gets new users a little confused and they end up with an image with correct file size but so small on the screen that it cannot be fairly judged or alternately with an image the correct size on the screen but that is over the size limit.

There are a number of tools that allow you to resize images. Below is an example for Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

Open photo, go to Image, then click on Resize as shown below.


When you click on Resize, a box will open:


You can resize here by clicking on the box that shows pixel dimensions and entering a new pixel dimension for your photo. Standard 3 x 4 photos should be sized to 800 x 600 pixels. If your photo is taller than it is wide (taken in portrait orientation), enter 800 in the height field. If your photo is wider than it is tall, enter 800 in the width field. You can save your image at this time and it will be ready for submission. Remember to “save as” and give your file a new name if you do not have “auto-save original” enabled in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 so you don't lose your original image file. For simple resizing, you are done and there is no need to go into the advanced settings.

If you want more control you can check the Advanced tab shown circled in the screen shot above. This will bring up a few more options for your resizing as shown below. Keep in mind that for most simple resizing you do not need to go into the Advanced settings for resizing, but I am including an outline of this section for you information.


Clicking on the drop down arrow next to “Bicubic” you will find a list of different options. Smart Size, Bicubic, Bilinear, Pixel Resize, and Weighted Average. I usually use the Bicubic setting, but I suggest you explore all of the settings, saving the results with different names to compare the results of using the different settings.

There is also a sharpening slider to control output sharpening upon resizing. Slide the slider all the way to the left for no sharpening, leave it in the middle, or slide to the far right for maximum sharpening. Again, I suggest trying out the different settings to see the results so you know your preference. With most images I find leaving the slider in the center position produces the best on-line viewing output. Once you do this a few times and view the results of the various settings, you'll know what you prefer.

The screenshot below shows the values that I've typed in the pixel settings. You only need to type in one setting. I usually pick the longest side and resize that to 800 pixels, since you've kept the ratio locked the other dimension of the photo will be sized correctly without distorting the image. YES make sure you leave the ratio locked check box checked!


You have now resized your photo and you can save it. Go to File, Save As as shown below:


A box comes up for you to name your file and save in jpeg format. As I've said before, you'll probably want to save the file with a new name to preserve your original file. Click the options button to select different JPG compression options - this will make the file small or larger, in order to meet the 250k requirement.


Congratulations, you are ready to upload your file to the Panachallenge!

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