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  #189 The Junk Drawer
Entry 10 of 19
One man's junk is another man's treasure.       ©2017 A.N.Other
Panasonic DMC-TZ30       10th place, 63 points
1/14s, f3.3, ISO 400, 24mm, Normal Program, Pattern, no flash
Post-Processing: Cropped, Sharpened, Resized, burn and dodge, slight saturation changes.       Extra Info: My collection of vintage electronic games (made between 1972 and 1983) has been called junk by many people, but to me they are treasure.

I converted an IKEA plastic tub storage unit into a 28 drawer unit for my smaller games. The one I have pulled out is the 'Simon drawer' where I've put all my small Simon type games. I have other draws for football games, soccer games, basketball games, space invader games, pinball games etc etc.

As in the challenge description, these games 'haven't found their way to where they really belong' which would be in a child's hands, but I've managed to prevent them from being trashed so there is still hope children will play with them again one day.
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37 days ago
    Congrats on your double top ten.

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37 days ago
    Wow! Quite a collection! I hope they get played with by some little hands soon! (Do I see some Sawyer's ViewMaster photo viewers in the collection?) Kudos for organizing everything so well!

37 days ago
    Thanks very much both.

Una - there is a lot more you can't see ;-) .
Edited on Aug 14, 2017

38 days ago
    This is an impressive collection!

Old Finn
39 days ago
    Interesting picture.

39 days ago
    I'm delighted you appreciate my collection :-). Not many people do. If you're interested in finding out more info about the LED, VFD or LCD games then you can do far worse than paying a visit to www.handheldmuseum.com . You can see several of my rarer games there. You are more than welcome to 'loose yourself for hours' with them if you are ever in my vicinity :-) .
Edited on Aug 14, 2017

39 days ago
    OMG a person could lose themselves for hours in this trip down memory lane. Wonderfully presented and photographed. I'm glad you are preserving them.

39 days ago
    Thanks very much all :-) .

Jomari - Yes, I'm always wary when I hand them over to people who don't appreciate their importance or place in history.

Ysal and jomari - I had second thoughts about entering this photo as I thought some might think it too organised but I re-read the theme description and the "Even OCD folks have some place like this (although it may be very orderly)" made me think it would be eligible in the challenge. I'd like to say though that in no way am I OCD except for my collection LOL.
Edited on Aug 14, 2017

39 days ago
    More an enthusiast's collection than junk, although, as you say, some people may consider it junk. If you ever do hand them over to children it wont be long before it is junk, lol. I like the photo, plenty of interest and nice and colourful. In my tt.

39 days ago
    Way too well organized to be considered a junk drawer, but you get my vote for the wonderful colors and nostalgic games.

40 days ago
    Very tidy and well-organized for a collection of 'junk'. Well-shot, and certainly colorful.

40 days ago
    Thanks all :-) .

I've got quite a selection of batteries and battery adapters. I use the mains transformers if I'm confident of the correct one and voltage. It's amazing how these old games eat through batteries!
Edited on Aug 14, 2017

40 days ago
    an interesting and great tidy storage .

41 days ago
    I just laughed at this collection. Bright and colourful.

41 days ago
    great collection and display. i hope you are good about recycling all the batteries that go with these.
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