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And thanks for visiting Panachallenge - the home of free photography challenges and forums for all camera brands, and especially Panasonic Lumix (and their Leica cousins). Challenges have two categories - a main category dedicated to Pannys and Leicas and an open category for all digital camera models. Challenge and member info is shown below. If you are new here, check out the links in gold type on the right to help you get started. Links, on Panachallenge, are in Gold Type, so look for the Gold and click to explore the site!
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  Current challenge: #173 Big
Use your camera to convey the impression of "big". The dictionary definition offers a lot of possibilities for creativity. I've included it below. Please use the forum to ask any questions or to chat about the topic at: http://panachallenge.com/forum/forum_topic.php?id=624

  1. Of considerable size, extent, or capacity; large a big ant/man/building/city big hazel eyes a big slice of chocolate cake.
  2. Great in amount or quantity This is the regionís biggest bicycle race.
  3. Operating on a large scale Big league baseball
  4. Great in force or intensity: a big wind
  5. Full-grown or elder big sister

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  Current challenge: #172 Arches
Your challenge is to take a photograph containing one or more arches. The winner of the Main category will choose the subsequent theme. Be sure to check the forum periodically for discussions on the current theme: http://panachallenge.com/forum/forum_topic.php?id=621 Arches are all around us. By definition, an arch is: - A structure, consisting of a curved top on two supports, that holds the weight of something above it. i.e. doorway, bridge, - Something that has the shape of an arch, such as an arch of of trees, a window, a rainbow - The raised curve at the bottom of our foot, - Any organ or body part that is curved in shape eg. eyebrows
[Please note the extra day of voting!]

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No longer accepting entries.
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  Past challenge: #171 Emotional Still Life
Take a still life image which evokes one, or more emotions. (Winner of the Open Category gets to choose a subsequent theme.)
See this discussion of the current theme: http://panachallenge.com/forum/forum_topic.php?id=619

Main Category       Open Category
27 entries       26 entries
275 comments by 25 members       322 comments by 26 members
32 members voted       37 members voted


Challenge ended on 9 May 2016.

      Main Category

By jomari
Panasonic DMC-FZ70
      Open Category

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

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Featured Entry
By Runzamukk

#79 Disconnected (Open)
Sensory Disconnection
Placed 3rd, 90 points
Olympus C770UZ

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      Milton Keynes
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4 Sep 2010

davep56 has 52 Challenge entries, including this one:

Mini#25 Best of 2013 (Main)
In Flight
Placed 31st, 25 points
Panasonic DMC-G5

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